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Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers (EEM)

Precious Blood
17475 59th Avenue
Surrey, BC V3S 1P3
Caroline Begley

[email protected]

The role of an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion is to assist the priest in serving communion during the celebration of Mass.  Communion ministers are scheduled to serve communion at a specific mass or service in the church, and do so in a meaningful and efficient manner. They receive training by attending workshops, and through the guidance of Mass Coordinators.  Communion is to be distributed reverently while acknowledging the sanctity of the position of extraordinary minister. 

To be an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister in Precious Blood, pls email Caroline @[email protected], who prepares the schedule for EEMs to serve at Mass, as well as for home visits for the sick and shut-ins.

The latest volunteer schedules can be found here: