Precious Blood

Gift Card Fundraising Program

Good habits can be hard to establish, but the payoff is always worth it. Sometimes good habits, like exercise, benefit ourselves.  Sometimes good habits, like throwing our garbage away in a bin, benefit other people. But good habits take practice. 

At Precious Blood Parish, we have a Gift Card Fundraising Program. The general idea behind the program is that instead of using credit cards for your regular purchases at places like Save On Foods and Starbucks, use gift cards instead. Approximately 5% of the value of the card you purchase comes back to the parish as profit. So, if you buy a gift card for $100, the parish will receive $5. 

We've calculated that if 200 families spent $150/week through the gift card program instead of on their credit cards, we could raise over $75,000 a year for the parish. That's pretty impressive. All it takes is the discipline to establish a new habit (buying gift cards) and a small financial sacrifice of your credit card points. 

That's it. 

Ready to make a small sacrifice, start a new habit, and make a big difference to your parish community?  Here are the details...

How does the program work?

Normally, the easiest way to purchase gift cards is directly from Earl Coatta after mass. However, during this time of Covid, the easiest way to purchase cards is by calling Earl at 604-576- 6306 or emailing him at [email protected], ordering your cards, sending him the money via etransfer, and picking up the cards from him. Earl lives less than 5 minutes from the parish and has a system of contact-less pickup. 

What payment is accepted?

  • Cash, etransfer, or cheque. Credit cards cost too much to process and eat up much of the profit of the program.

Why support this program?

  • This program has the potential to raise large amounts of money for Precious Blood Parish which in turn could help provide the money we so desperately need to expand our parish facilities. This is one fundraiser where you are not being asked for “extra” funds or a “donation”. By simply spending what you already spend in your daily life you can help raise funds for the parish.  All it takes is changing your spending habits and the small sacrifice of your credit card points. 

What stores are offered through the program?

  • A list of the stores available (including denominations) are listed below.