Precious Blood


Established in 1947 by Archbishop Duke with the appointment of Father Patrick O’Sullivan, this parish was carved out of the White Rock and Langley
Prairies parishes, mostly the latter. The Lavoie family had been urging Archbishop William Duke to form a parish in Cloverdale for some years, and they finally got a small combined chapel/rectory. 

In 1948, with Father O’Sullivan serving as contractor and a great deal of
volunteer labour, a new church was built in one month. The church was blessed on the Feast of the Precious Blood in 1950 by Archbishop Duke.

In 1957 this church was sold to the Elks. The proceeds and a $65,000 bank loan were used to build a new complex featuring a church, school, convent and rectory.

Cloverdale Catholic School opened in September 1954. A new school building opened in 1966 and has been expanded several times since. The school has been served by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. 

A new parish centre was built and opened June 15, 1997. Precious Blood parish hosts an annual fall dinner put on by the Catholic Women’s League and a fall bazaar. Lay organizations include the Catholic Women’s League (since 1949), St. Theresa’s Circle (since 1956), Knights of Columbus (since 1979), Society of St. Vincent de Paul (since 1985), and a prayer group (since 1998).