Parish Leadership Team

Assist the Pastor to set goals and priorities for the parish. Communicate vision of parish to parishioners. Help Pastor to plan and to implement new programs. 


Parish Education Committee

Chairperson: Luisa Cenedese

The Parish Education Committee, in coordination with the Pastor and the principal, administers the Cloverdale Catholic Elementary School. It formulates policies for teachers and students, develops a yearly budget, tuition and parish subsidy. Elections are held on the last Sunday of May.

Usually meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 PM

Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a group of men and women of the parish who are appointed by the pastor. The main objectives of the monthly Parish Pastoral Council are:1) Inform the pastor of the needs and activities of different parish organizations, 2) Help pastor in decision making, and 3) Organize parish activities and celebrations.

Usually meets once every two months on the 4th Tuesday at 7 PM

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supervises the finances and physical administration of the parish. It prepares monthly and annual financial statements. It may organize fund raising activities (eg. Project Advance) and coordinate fund raising by various parish organizations. It is responsible for the preparation and submission of financial reports to the government and the Chancery Office.

Usually meets once every two months on the 4th Tuesday at 7 PM