"We, at Cloverdale Catholic School are a community who share the Catholic faith and promote the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social, emotional and physical growth of children, so that they, in turn, may spread the knowledge and love of God and neighbour to the larger Christian community and to all mankind. We endeavour to help the students grow daily more conscious of the gift of faith that they have received. "


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Cloverdale Catholic School offers the full BC curriculum with a Catholic emphasis in all areas. Our teachers are fully certified and work in partnership with parents to help children reach their full potential. Specialty teachers in Music, Band, Computers, PE, and French give students the best education possible. Sending your children to Cloverdale Catholic School is a great way to help them grow in their knowledge of the faith and stay connected to the Church.

Registrations for the coming school generally take place in late January/early February, though new students are welcome any time of year. For more information or to arrange a personal tour please call 604-574-5151. You can also visit our website www.ccsunited.ca